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Vertical NC

Glass Drilling Machines

Series: GHD-V-NC


GHD-V-NC series are vertical NC glass hole drilling machine with numerical control. The machines drill holes with the glass vertically placed, by means of core drilling bits. It is easier for drilling spindles to locate from one hole to the next hole when glass is placed vertically rather than horizontally. This design helps to drill multiple holes on a single piece of glass in a faster way at lesser workload. Steve Rowley provides two types of NC vertical glass drilling machine.

GHD-V-NC-2550-1 is a sophisticated NC glass driller with one pair of drilling spindles controlled numerically by PLC with HMI touch panel operator interface.


GHD-V-NC-2550-2 is an upgraded model of GHD-V-NC-2550-1 with an extra pair of drilling spindles moving along the same vertical bridge where the first pair of spindles is incorporated to.


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