Vertical Glass Washing 

& Drying Machine

Series: VWD


VWD series of glass washing and drying machine is suitable to wash and dry both top and bottom glass surface. The glass is washed and dried vertically. This vertical design washing machine is in a compact design and occupies little space.


VWD series of glass washer is suitable for all kinds of glass fabricators. It is available in several models from 1200mm to 2500mm. Any other sizes are available on request.

It is very easy to operate and it is maintenance friendly. It is very suitable for glass washing prior to double insulating glazing glass. It is also suitable to wash glass after edging, bevel and drilling, etc especially when the glass is processed vertically. Low-e glass washing & drying machines are available on request.

Low-E Glass Washing & Drying Machine


1. Custom design is on request.
2. All data, information and images contained in this document are       subject to change without further notice.

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