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Horizontal Glass Double Edging Machine

Series: G-HDE


G-HDE series is a horizontal machine to grind and polish two parallel sides of rectangular glass at one pass. Equipped with HMI touch panel operator nterface with PLC, the glass double edgers are very suitable to incorporate with subsequent processing which is done horizontally such as horizontal washing and horizontal tempering. No glass tilting is required. This automatic glass double edger is available in following models,

�� G-HDE-1625 - 2500mm wide with 16 spindles

�� G-HDE-2225 - 2500mm wide with 22 spindles

�� G-HDE-2230 - 3000mm wide with 22 spindles

�� G-HDE-2236 - 3600mm wide with 22 spindles

�� G-HDE-2245 - 4500mm wide with 22 spindles


1. Custom design is on request.
2. All data, information and images contained in this document are       subject to change without further notice.

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